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If you are in search of an incredible vacation that doesn’t include a detailed itinerary, Temple Texas is the place to visit. This little-known city is a hidden gem in the heart of the great state. With a beautiful atmosphere and unique experiences, there is so much to do in this stunning city. Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay in the country or want to discover a brand new town, Temple is the best place for your Texas getaway dreams.

Listen, most of us are over the absolute chaos that comes with traveling. From flying to booking hotels and having to detail every part of your trip, taking a vacation ends up feeling like more work. RVing is one of the best ways to travel, and if you’re experienced, you probably love the freedom it grants. At Calvert RV Park (better known as Route 6 RV Park), we want to enhance your RV trip with the perfect campgrounds for your stay in Temple

Why We Stand Out

At our Temple campground, we work to create a better RVing experience for every guest, which begins with creating a park that puts the guest at the top of our priorities. We believe that amenities should be helpful, not create added stress to your RVing adventure. This is why we put time and effort into creating amenities that add to the RV experience and create a better process from the time you set up to the time you head to your next destination. Our amenities include:

All RV hookups
Expansive, open lots
Laundry facilities
Bathroom and shower facilities
Bring your own hotspot
Pet friendly 
Clean campground
Close to beautiful hiking trails
Near the beautiful city of Temple
Easy & level parking

We hope these amenities will make your time at our Temple campground easy and grant you the freedom to explore the surroundings.

Explore Austin, Texas

If you are looking for a truly unique experience in a lively city, Austin is just a short day trip away from Calvert RV Park. Austin is well-known for its eccentric atmosphere, beautiful city, and unique exploration. If you are searching for a grander sense of adventure, you can take a day or two to explore this incredible city. Whether you are looking for a stunning night on the town or wish to spend the day finding unique historical sites, Austin is the perfect spot for you.

About Route 6 RV Park

Our Calvert RV Park, known as Route 6 RV Park, is the perfect place for every kind of RVer. There are so many incredible things to discover at our camping ground, and we’ve curated the ideal experience for all of our guests. When you visit our park, you can expect the ideal amenities, rates, and staff to help your stay be one of relaxation and exploration. Our Waco campground is perfect for unwinding, sitting back, and finding new experiences.

Things To Do

In Temple, there are many beautiful areas for you to discover. You can enjoy this amazing city at your own pace and find true escape in the Texas countryside. Whether you want to find peace in your surroundings or are looking to find a fun and exciting new city, Temple has everything you’re searching for. When you visit the Temple, you can explore many wonderful places, meet new people, and enjoy downtime with your loved ones.


B.L.O.R.A,  or the Belton Outdoor Recreational Area, is a wonderful, fun place for the entire family to enjoy. You can book a reservation and explore this beautiful area at your own pace. You can go horseback riding, play a fun game of paintball, try out the challenge course, go rock climbing on the built-in walls, or go biking along the trails. There is truly something for everyone at the Bolten Outdoor Recreational Area. 

3 Texans Winery

3 Texans Winery is a homegrown vineyard in the heart of Temple. When you visit this stunning vineyard, you can enjoy wine and explore the stunning estate. You can stomp grapes, taste wine, and create a beautiful day with your loved ones. 3 Texans Winery is the perfect place for a day trying unique wines and getting back in touch with yourself.

Chalk Ridge Falls

Chalk Ridge Falls is a stunning, hidden escape found near the outskirts of Temple. This beautiful hiking trail snakes around beautiful waterfalls, serene creeks, and beautiful nature. You can uncover the perfect nature walk in a beautiful place. You can even find incredible bird watching at Chalk Ridge Falls here, too. The park is open year-round for those who want to hike or run the trail.

La Riv

La Riv is a beautiful and delicious spot in Temple, Texas. La Riv is a fine Italian restaurant that creates a sensational experience for every guest. With an incredible menu, delicious drinks, and an outstanding wine list, you can relax and enjoy the comfort of a good meal. Whether you are looking for the perfect date night or a lovely meal, La Riv is the right spot for you.

Beemarosa Winery

Are you starting to pick up on the common theme in Temple? Yes, Temple is known for many wineries, but none are as renowned as the Beemarosa Winery. This family-run vineyard is a complete outdoor experience where you can try homemade wine under a canopy of trees.

At Calvert RV Park, we want you to feel comfortable with every aspect of your stay. We know how hard it can be to find affordable housing in today’s climate and want to provide a better route for those seeking alternative options. When you book with us, you can expect the best camping grounds that are easy to call home. Our rates include:

$25 /Per Night

$120 /Per Week

$360 /Per Month

Why Visit Calvert RV Park?

Look, we want you to visit Calvert RV Park because we are confident in our Temple campground. We want every guest to have the best RVing experience and find the perfect getaway. Whether you are looking for the perfect RV trip or want to find a new home, Calvert RV Park has you covered.

RVing At Calvert RV Park

RVing is a unique and personal experience that can open up your eyes to a new world. When you book with us, you can expect the best amenities, a beautiful campground, and a perfect atmosphere. No matter what you need, Calvert RV Park can help you create your ideal RV trip.


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